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Conor Maynard

Known for his incredibly outstanding covers on YouTube (many with over a million views), Conor Maynard is making his way to the top in the world of music. Known for covers like Work (Rihanna), Marvin’s Room (), and Pillowtalk (Zayn), Conor never seems to  disappoint. Conor was born in 1993 in Brighton, England to a hard working family. He always knew that he loved music but didn’t find out just how far he could take it until 2006. He uploaded his first video on May 19, 2006 and over 10 years later he is still posting regularly. His first post was a cover of the song Breathe by British musician Lee Carr. It wasn’t long until record labels started to notice him. His life dramatically changed when Neyo watched Conor’s video cover of his song Beautiful Monster. He then contacted Conor and became his official mentor. Shortly after he was signed to EMI/Parlophone and Turn First management. After much guidance, Conor released his first original single Can’t Say No. In November 2011 he was nominated for MTV’s Brand New award which he won in 2012. He then began working on his debut solo album Contrast. In the meantime, Conor released his first music video for his single Can’t Say No which now has over 14 million views. After listening to his single you may think he’s the next Justin Bieber but Conor constantly disputes that statement. His album Contrast was soon released in July 2012. Fast forward to 2016; Due to his success doing covers Conor finally announced that he would be releasing an album of covers and one original track. A few of the covers include Pillowtalk (which you can hear here!), One Dance, Hello, and Stitches. The album was released on August 6, 2016. If you want to hear more songs by Conor check out his YouTube page at

For more info about Conor visit his website at

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