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Moon Taxi

I happened to come across this band a long time ago but they deserve to be heard by you guys. Moon Taxi is an American indie/progressive rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. They were formed in 2006 by Trevor Terndrup (vocals/guitar), Spencer Thomson (guitar/programming), Tommy Putnam (bass), Wes Bailey (keys), and Tyler Ritter (drums). Despite forming in 2006, Moon Taxi became a signed band in 2007. At this time, Trevor, Spencer, Tommy, and Tyler actually formed their own record label 12th South Records which was housed in their 12th Avenue South home. After recording their first album Melodica in 2007 the band began to gain popularity. They started winning bids for spots at the 2008 Summer Camp Music Festival in Illinois and the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota. Their second album Live Ride was recorded live and contained nearly 30 songs, both new and old. The Live Ride release party/show was their first ever sold out show in Nashville. After their sellout show they began to take off as a band. They were offered festival appearances and even did a nationwide tour in 2010 where they traveled from Maine to California. In 2010, Moon Taxi began writing new material for their LP Cabaret which was recorded in Thomson’s studio at home. Cabaret had a different sound than their previous albums being that it had more of an electronic influence with a little bit of folk and hip-hop. Cabaret was released on February 7, 2012 and did very well with most critics giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. They toured across the country and even made an appearance at the 2012 Bonnaroo Music Festival. In September of 2013, Moon Taxi released their third studio album called Mountains Beaches Cities. It featured 10 tracks which were produced by Moon Taxi’s very own Spencer Thomson. In 2015, Moon Taxi realeased another hit album called Daybreakers and its been nothing but tours and album promotion since. You can listen to the hit “Year Zero” from the album Daybreakers here!  One of my favorites from the Daybreakers album is All Day All Night which you can listen to by following the previous link. If you like what you hear then I have some good news! Moon Taxi will be touring across the U.S. during June & July so get your tickets now!

For tour dates & more info go to

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