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Julia Michaels

Alright, No lie, my boyfriend always sends me the best music. Last week he sent me a song on Youtube and my god it describes both of us perfectly. We both have our own problems so overall that’s what makes us so great for each other. I fell in love with Julia Michaels the moment I heard her voice. Julia Carin Cavazos is a 23 year old singer, songwriter who was born in Iowa but has since relocated to California. She goes by the stage name Julia Michaels. She is signed to Republic Records and has collaborated with many well known artists such as Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Zedd, Justin Bieber and etc. She began singing at just 12 years old and eventually met with songwriters Joleen Belle and Lindy Robbins to write a very famous Demi Lovato song called “Fire Starter.” After much success she had the opportunity of a lifetime and performed at the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Julia’s inspirations include Fiona Apple, Paramore, Juliet Simms, and The Fray. After being a songwriter for so long she finally released her first solo single called “Issues” in January 2017. While writing “Issues” Julia states that she felt like the song was truly hers and she just had to record it under her name instead of selling it to someone else. “Issues” now has over 21 million views on Youtube making it an instant hit. Give it a listen here!

If you want more information about Julia head over to her Facebook page at

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