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Two weeks ago I went on vacation with my boyfriend to Seattle, WA. I love my hometown (the dirty ATX) but Seattle was such a perfect getaway. I honestly can’t wait to go back. Because of my new found love for Seattle I thought I would blog about a great band from there; Lemolo. Meagan Grandall formed Lemolo in 2009. The band name Lemolo was inspired by her childhood neighborhood of Lemolo Shore Drive. They have been recognized as one of the best bands in Seattle by the Seattle Magazine, Best New Band by City Arts Magazine, and they were recently named one of the Top Bands Rocking Seattle Music. Lemolo has had many sold out performances in Seattle and have toured the United States and Europe with much success. Their album Red Light Return has been very successful. They recently announced that they will be playing the 2017 Lightreal Music Festival hosted by the University of Washington on May 7, 2017. If you’re in WA you should definitely go check it out! You can hear the song “Letters” here. For tour dates and more check out their website at

Thanks for reading! Check back often for more bands you’ve never heard of.


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One thought on “Lemolo

  1. You know, this is a really cool idea for music lovers and bands alike. Now, I don’t foresee myself heading out to Seattle any time soon, but for those in your area what you are doing is great. As a musician and former band member, I remember the “good” ol’ days, back before cell phones, text, email, and Facebook…the days when making a name for yourself took a lot of money, a producer, and tons of footwork. There were never people like you who could spread a band’s name around the world with a simple blog.

    So, good for you. I’m sure the bands you review will appreciate it.


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