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Due to growing up and living in the live music capitol of the world it seemed appropriate to start this blog experience with a local artist from my hometown. In 2011, Roger Sellers started his career using his birth name as his stage name. He released his first album Moments in 2011 on Pau Wau Records. The next year he self released an eight track album where a new song was released each week for eight weeks. In 2014 he released his third full length album called Primitives. In late 2015 he changed his name to Bayonne. Under the name Bayonne he re-released his third full length album Primitives on Punctum Records. Bayonne has previously stated that “even though he uses musical equipment during performances that he does not consider himself a DJ.” In 2016, Bayonne was given great news from EA Sports saying that they would feature his song “Appeals” on the FIFA 17 soundtrack. His most popular tracks are “Fallss”, “Living Room”, and “Spectrolite.” You can hear “Fallss” now Here! For tour dates and more info check out Bayonne at

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